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Candidates at Kopplin's

Moderated discussion series with five St. Paul mayoral candidates.

Monday, Oct 2, 7:00pm — Melvin Carter
Wednesday Oct, 4, 7:00pm — Tom Goldstein
Thursday, Oct 12, 7:30pm — Pat Harris
Tuesday, Oct 24, 7:00pm — Dai Thao
Thursday, Oct 26, 7:00pm — Elizabeth Dickinson

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Jean Manrique

Show runs: Mid-September through Mid-November

Nature inspires my work. As well as using nature as a frequent image in my work, I also use natural fibers, such as wool, silk, and cotton, plant based dyes, organic indigo, and local leaves and blossoms. I began as a knitter, which led to wet and needle felting and then added natural dyeing, eco printing and indigo and shibori to my repertoire. Lately I've been working with hand stitching and shashiko techniques in the spirit of the slow stitch movement - allowing the time spent stitching to be a calming and meditative act. I'm also challenging myself to use my sewing scraps, dye samples and shibori practice pieces in creative and artful ways.

We Connect Makers, Growers & Community

To Our Customers—

As we move toward the new year, we are re-affirming our vision of Kopplin’s as a connection point for makers, growers, and community. This is demonstrated in three significant commitments:

• to organic (as well as local, ethical and sustainable) products, including all certified organic Midwest dairy

• to our employees, including livable wages since January 1, 2015 and paid time off for all staff beginning January 1, 2017

• to clarity and transparency for our customers, including an honest menu that accurately reflects our prices, which already include sales tax and gratuity

We continue to choose our products as a form of support for suppliers we believe in. We continue to offer a welcoming space to all customers and to honor the employees who shape that space for all of us.

As with all businesses, we periodically assess the price of our goods based on market factors. At Kopplin’s, we also use this assessment point as an opportunity to revisit our values and their impact on all aspects of the shop. When St. Paul passed an “Earned Sick and Safe Time” ordinance in September 2016, it became clear to us that we wanted to provide this option for our workers at the earliest opportunity, rather than waiting for our mandated implementation date in 2018. We believe that employees deserve the stability of knowing that illness or critical safety issues will not impact their ability to earn a wage.

The increase in price you see reflected on our new menu allows us to continue providing high-quality local, organic, and sustainable products. It also allows us to lay the groundwork for paid time off in 2017. Coming after two years of successful tip-free higher wages, we feel like this is a clear and positive next step to take action on our values.

As always, we thank you for joining us at the table.

Andrew & Amanda Kopplin, Owners