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To Our Customers

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Sharon Robertson

Through January 7

From the artist

I started learning art at a very young age. It almost feels like another life when I look
back to those years of professional training at one of the top art schools in China. I often
tell people that growing up, I was well trained as a painter, but I was never trained
as an artist. Most of my sense of art came from life itself, but because of the highly
technical way in which I was trained, it is very new to me—and very hard—to try to
speak for myself through art.   

. . .

I love art. And I want to use what I do to speak for my children and what they might be able to represent. The mixed race population is growing, and for them to be able to feel normal growing up and safe in their adulthood, there’s a lot that needs to be changed. I’m still addicted to strokes, brushes, the touch of oil and fabric, but I am more aware of the power of art for expression and social engagement.