The magic of Kopplin's is inspired by imagination, the cultivation of new ideas and taking time to savor good taste. While the café may be characterized by the spirit of the third-wave coffee movement, we are rooted in the traditions of European-style coffee houses. Our passion for brilliant coffee and aesthetic make our café the perfect place to connect, share experience, relax and revive.


To Our Customers

We continue to choose our products as a form of support for suppliers we believe in. We continue to offer a welcoming space to all customers and to honor the employees who shape that space for all of us.



Jane Wunrow

Through mid July

From the artist

Jane’s work is grounded in pen and ink, moments of collage and layers of gouache. Her aesthetic and conceptual approach are largely influenced by the fragmentary nature of dreams and the inter­connectedness of visions, neurology and migraine auras. She lives in the Mac/Grove neighborhood with her husband, three daughters, and two cats.

www.janewunrow.com | Instagram @janewunrow