Our Local Roaster, Featured Farms & Tea Sourced From Real Family Farms 


Our Beans

Jamin, our roaster, has spent more than a decade in the coffee industry, much of it in importing. As we sought to create our own story in the coffee world - a large globalized industry - we started with people and relationships. We realized that working with farmers directly by flying around the world half the year was not only unaffordable, it was not what we were attempting to accomplish. The need to "go to origin" on a regular basis is really a practice for those who don't trust their exporters and importers to work in an honest and fair way. We chose instead to find people we trust and work with them to get the beans we wanted. 

Coffee roasting is still a new adventure for us. As we continue we are always excited to taste new coffee from a farm that we bought from previously. Working with a handful of importers we hope to find a selection of farms that we buy from year in and year out to create, essentially, a Kopplin's portfolio of coffee farms. 


Our Farms

In addition to using quality local ingredients in a full range of our products, we are always looking for innovative ways to support local farms and connect our farmers and our neighbors. 

Featured Farms

Ames Farm Ltd is a farm with 17 bee yards spread over central and southern Minnesota. Ames Honey has been part of the Kopplin’s experience for over five years, as both a retail product line and an ingredient in our sweetened latte. Founder and owner Brian Fredericksen has an extensive knowledge of and passion for beekeeping, producing the highest quality of single-source honeys which are uniquely accountable as “hive-to-table.” We’ve enjoyed gleaning bits of information about his practices and values during years of chats over the espresso machine.

Every fall we look forward to the arrival of cider and apples from Sweetland Orchard in Webster, MN. A family business run by Mike and Gretchen Perbix, Sweetland is definitely worth a visit for hard cider sampling, apples and donuts every weekend in the fall. We love to have a little taste in-house with soft cider served warm or cold.

Our Tea

Kopplin's may be known most for its focus on coffee but the tea we buy and serve is no second class citizen. 

In 2012, we sat down and shared some tea and conversation with Verdant Tea. During this conversation it was clear that Verdant was not doing the same old tea. Each tea has farmer behind it and a story of connection. They are imported in small quantities as freshly as possible. These teas have depth of personality that invites taking time to savor over many steepings.