Forget Tips, This Coffee Shop Pays Its Employees A Living Wage


By Rafi Schwartz
February 6, 2015

Just over the Mississippi River, on the St. Paul side of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, is a block of neighborhood businesses which includes a boutique ice cream parlor, a small bakery, and Kopplin’s Coffee, a high end European-style coffee shop that’s been serving customers for nearly a decade. There, owners recently instituted a new policy that does away with one of the most recognizable coffee shop features – the tip jar. As of this past January, Andrew and wife Amanda Kopplin pay all their employees at least $12.50 an hour, a move designed to introduce a measure of stability in the lives – and paychecks – of those working a job not ordinarily known for its financial perks.

St. Paul Café Bans Tipping, Raises Wages


February 4, 2015

“We decided as a rule, as a group, to just ban tipping outright,” Kopplin’s Café co-owner Andrew Kopplin said.

He wanted to find a way to compensate his employees fairly, no matter what shift they worked.

“If you work here in the mornings, you can make a lot of money cuz it’s busier. It’s a coffee shopso at night it’s not as busy,” Kopplin said. “We looked at a lot of ways of dealing with the tips, but then we just finally kind of looked at what about kind of getting rid of the tips.”

The Twin Cities Greatest Hits

Minnesota Monthly

November, 2012

When we were first introduced to Kopplins several years ago, we didn’t think it could get any better. Its youthful proprietor, Andrew Kopplin, approached his trade with a dedication that helped kick off the Twin Cities’ coffee revolution: sourcing rare beans, hosting cuppings, and turning latté foam into art. Kopplin showed us that coffee could have the depth and personality of wine, with flavors ranging from bright citrus notes to funky forest mushrooms. (Even cream addicts took their beverages black.) He introduced us to the innovative Clover brewing machine and the luxury of Rogue hot chocolate. And then, last year, Kopplin further improved our coffee-drinking experience by moving his business to bigger, more comfortable digs.

Kopplin's Rated One of "America's Coolest Coffeehouses"


By Joshua Pramis | November, 2011
Republished in The Atlantic January 23, 2012

This coffeehouse is truly about supporting the local community, so when you’re sipping your café miél—espresso that’s been sweetened with honey, rather than sugar—you can rest easy knowing the milk is from a locally raised grass-fed cow and the espresso is from Fair Trade and organic sources. Mark your calendar for November 25, 2011, when Kopplin’s opens in a new, improved space at 2038 Marshall Avenue.